Trans-Ponder Podcast

Do you like mountains? This mountain was a stock image included with the site. Moun…tains. What a weird word!

Been thinking about resurrecting the old podcast and seeing what happens. Do people still want to hear us? Are we still relevant? Do jokes and snarky comments even work anymore? Is this way too many questions to think about?! aaaaaaarrrrghhhhh!

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  1. I like mountains, stock photo mountains are pretty. Are mountains trans because they were once flat earth and transitioned to majestic peaks? I hope you can answer this question that has troubled me for years.

    1. you bring up interesting questions. We will have to consult our panel of experts and professional mountainologists. They call themselves geologists but that’s just silly sounding!

  2. It is great to hear from you both again!!

    I have a pretty complete set of your podcasts up to 198 and a few videos, but not 201, sadly!!

    I am looking forward to more!!! 🙂


    1. yeah, still keeping an eye out for 201; we should have another cast coming soon. We got a little busy with holidays and then family staying local to us. So good to hear from you!

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